[Mono-devel-list] make run-test broken in mcs/tests

Raja R Harinath rharinath at novell.com
Tue Nov 2 01:22:35 EST 2004


Marek Safar <marek.safar at seznam.cz> writes:

>>I tried to do "make run-test" under mcs (under cygwin), but it
>>resulted in a bunch of errors that are related to resource files.
>>hari: maybe you would be able to fix it? It seems related to the
>>new harness.mk.
> Yes, I have the same problem. The problem is caused by new harness.mk
> because it creates for every test file link to the original c# test
> file. Unfortunately the behavior of this link file
> is not same as on Linux because mcs tries to open "link" file instead of
> original "cs" file. Probably some bug in BCL or cygwin.
> But worse is that this test routine is really slow. Hari why do you have
> to create these link files when you need just read from c# files ?
> Eno: I can send you my changed harness.mk if you need it immediately.

Thanks, Marek, for debugging this.  I create the links to avoid some
work :-)

Basically, the idea was to allow 'make run-test' to take advantage of
parallel makes.  I wanted to take it one more step and allow 'make
run-test's from multiple profiles to be run in parallel.  That means we
shouldn't create any object files in the tests/ directory, but in a
profile-specific directory.  The problem is that we "don't know" the
extension of the file to be created (see below), and so we can't use

File-specific '// Compiler options:' comments can be used to generate
dll or .netmodule instead of .exe.  We can grovel through the compiler
options and figure out the extension, but I wanted to avoid this work.
Anyway, will fix this one soon.

- Hari

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