[Mono-devel-list] C# bindings for gtkglext, question??

Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz brunofr at olympum.com
Thu May 20 18:07:53 EDT 2004


GtkGL# is a widget for Gtk# that allows rendering via OpenGL. It is in
fact a GtkDrawingArea rendering to a GLX context. The latest version
(0.04) does not require anymore binding to gtlglext nor gtkglarea.

- It does not require a particular OpenGL implementation (except for the
GLX bindings). I have used Colin Fahey's bindings, but you can use your
own, i.e. TAO.

- GtkGL# currently only works on X, as the widget is binding to the GLX
context. It should be relatively easy to use the WGL also for Windows
(help here would be nice as I don't have a Windows license).



On Fri, 2004-05-21 at 01:49, Mauricio Henriquez wrote:
> Hi:
> My name is Mauricio and I write you from Chili.
> Recently I start to use GLADE with my VB .NET aplication to have more
> interoperabilitie with mono on linux, but some of my old VB .NET
> Windows.Forms use OpenGl with TAO (http://www.randyridge.com/Tao/),
> TAO is a excelent library to work with OpenGl in all .NET languajes
> and I like to try to use some TAO-OpenGl code with some Gtk widget
> that can deal with OpenGl. There are some widget that work with opengl
> and GtkSharp?? can I help in something??
> In the TAO implementation, they have a "SimpleOpenGlControl" to put in
> your Windows.Form applications (if you don't want to create all the
> contex of the window with pure Opengl) and they have all the code free
> (and all in C#), may be with that code we can create some widget for
> Gtk and the necesary bindings to GtkSharp.
> Any ideas??, information??, tips??
> Bye.
> Mauricio Henriquez.
Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz <brunofr at olympum.com>
The Olympum Group,  http://www.olympum.com

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