[Mono-devel-list] C# bindings for gtkglext, question??

Mauricio Henriquez buho-1 at entelchile.net
Thu May 20 20:49:42 EDT 2004


My name is Mauricio and I write you from Chili.

Recently I start to use GLADE with my VB .NET aplication to have more interoperabilitie with mono on linux, but some of my old VB .NET Windows.Forms use OpenGl with TAO (http://www.randyridge.com/Tao/), TAO is a excelent library to work with OpenGl in all .NET languajes and I like to try to use some TAO-OpenGl code with some Gtk widget that can deal with OpenGl. There are some widget that work with opengl and GtkSharp?? can I help in something??

In the TAO implementation, they have a "SimpleOpenGlControl" to put in your Windows.Form applications (if you don't want to create all the contex of the window with pure Opengl) and they have all the code free (and all in C#), may be with that code we can create some widget for Gtk and the necesary bindings to GtkSharp.

Any ideas??, information??, tips??


Mauricio Henriquez.
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