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Jonathan Pryor jonpryor at vt.edu
Sun Mar 14 10:48:31 EST 2004

I would suggest waiting, for two reasons:

1.  Mono 1.0 will be released "soon" (Q2 this year, IIC).  It would be a
    good idea to release an article ~1 month before expected release to
    whet developers appetites.  This would require having a final
    release schedule, though, which might be a little hard to come by.

2.  More importantly, Novell/Ximian will be doing a formal patent review
    of Mono, and Mono will be split up into two "stacks", an ECMA-based
    stack and a non-ECMA stack (including System.Windows.Forms, ASP.NET,
    etc.).  This splitting may change some APIs currently in use; for
    example, Gtk# is removing the use of System.Drawing.Size from it's
    public API.

    See: http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/wlg/4557

Given that things are likely to be in flux until 1.0 is released, and
(especially) that patent issues are the *first* things people ask about
whenever Mono comes up (see *every* article on Mono on slashdot.org or
osnews.com for the last 3 years), it might be a good idea to wait on
broad-scale Mono evangelizing until the Patent Review is finished.

I for one am getting sick of people asking about Patents all the time,
so the sooner we can lay this issue to rest, the better.  It's nearly at
the point that I don't read Mono-related articles anymore, as I *know*
the Patent Question will come up, and it will dominate the ENTIRE REST

 - Jon

On Sun, 2004-03-14 at 10:08, ben at benjaminwootton.co.uk wrote:
> I thought about contributing some Mono articles to some Windows based .NET 
> sites such as CodeProject, CodeGuru and some of the C# websites out there.  I 
> think it would be cool if people were tempted to download Mono, try to build 
> their applications, and either have lots of success, or submit lots of bug 
> reports :)  
> I have quite a lot of text already written in a report I'm working on, but I 
> wondered if anyone wanted to help, offer ideas, or point me towards stuff that 
> they have already created that could be dropped in, or edited.  I have thought 
> up the following structure:
> Part 1: Introduction to Mono
>  - Introduction
>  - Mono Community & Resources
>  - Patents
>  - Windows Installation
>  - Usage 
>    - Windows Forms Apps
>    - GTK Sharp Apps
>  - FAQ
> Part 2: Mono source code
>  - Introduction
>  - Accessing 
>  - Compilation
>  - Filing Bugs
>  - Contributing
> Part 3: Building graphical applications in Mono
>  - Introduction
>  - Running Windows Forms on Linux
>  - GTK-Sharp
>    - Hello World
>    - Glade
> Part 4: Advanced
>  - Introduction
>  - Debugging
>  - Profiler
>  - Security
> Part 5: The future
>  - Introduction
>  - Longhorn/Avalon
>  - MonoDevelop
> Or, some people may prefer to wait until 1.0 before creating this kind of 
> publicity?
> Thanks
> Ben 
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