[Mono-devel-list] Mono Articles

ben at benjaminwootton.co.uk ben at benjaminwootton.co.uk
Sun Mar 14 10:08:29 EST 2004

I thought about contributing some Mono articles to some Windows based .NET 
sites such as CodeProject, CodeGuru and some of the C# websites out there.  I 
think it would be cool if people were tempted to download Mono, try to build 
their applications, and either have lots of success, or submit lots of bug 
reports :)  

I have quite a lot of text already written in a report I'm working on, but I 
wondered if anyone wanted to help, offer ideas, or point me towards stuff that 
they have already created that could be dropped in, or edited.  I have thought 
up the following structure:

Part 1: Introduction to Mono
 - Introduction
 - Mono Community & Resources
 - Patents
 - Windows Installation
 - Usage 
   - Windows Forms Apps
   - GTK Sharp Apps
 - FAQ
Part 2: Mono source code
 - Introduction
 - Accessing 
 - Compilation
 - Filing Bugs
 - Contributing

Part 3: Building graphical applications in Mono
 - Introduction
 - Running Windows Forms on Linux
 - GTK-Sharp
   - Hello World
   - Glade

Part 4: Advanced
 - Introduction
 - Debugging
 - Profiler
 - Security

Part 5: The future
 - Introduction
 - Longhorn/Avalon
 - MonoDevelop

Or, some people may prefer to wait until 1.0 before creating this kind of 


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