[Mono-devel-list] GUI for the mono profile

Met met at uberstats.com
Sat Mar 13 23:43:57 EST 2004


On Sun, 2004-03-07 at 00:46, Borja Sanchez Zamorano wrote:
> Hello:
>   I have seen the profile in mono and I want to propose a GUI to work
> with it.
>   I want to ask for comments, suggestion and questions of this idea.
>   Actually the program read a profile in file profile.txt.
> My first example is:
>   http://www.msn4lin.com/monogrind/screenshot.png
> The source code is:
>   http://www.msn4lin.com/monogrind/monogrind.tar.bz2
> Thanks:
>   BorSanZa

Great idea!

Here's a few suggestions, which you've probably already thought of.
 - a dialog to open a text file containing the profiled data
 - the ability to launch a program and record the profiled data 
     for direct viewing
 - graphs of course
 - sorting of columns
 - searching for data and "common" performance killers

And off the topic of monogrind directly, would be to allow for `mono
--profile` to generate an Xml file of the data.  Or at least specify a
file for the profiled data to be save to.

Open it up when you want, I'm sure people would love to help.  The
visualizations would certainly help me out a lot.

~ Matthew

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