[Mono-devel-list] Implementation of methods (except CreateWithContext) in RuntimeLicenseContext.cs

Ivan Hamilton ivan at chimerical.com.au
Sun Mar 7 12:08:07 EST 2004

I've done an initial implementation of
System.ComponentModel.LicenseManager, but in running the tests under
MS.NET (to answer a few questioned about vaguely documented features) I
found that by default it returns a
System.ComponentModel.Design.RuntimeLicenseContext() as its context.

I can't find any reference to RuntimeLicenseContext, except for in the
comments on LicenseContext
	// Serves as base class for RuntimeLicenseContext and

Since this is an undocumented class (but exposed by a fairly simple
call), I'm not sure what its functionality should be.
I've marked it internal and given it a simple implementation similar to
its cousin DesignTimeLicenseContext.

What's the standard procedure for weird and vague objects like this? You
can't implement it if the docs don't say what it does.

Anyway, I've got some implementation of LicenseManager, which is in the
attached file.diff as well as
System/System.ComponentModel.Design/RuntimeLicenseContext.cs and

It works well enough that I could take the third party control that I'm
pretty sure was referenced in
828.html and get it to function.

Shortly, I hope to come up with Test cases for CreateWithContext, and
finish its implementation.
I also haven't done any performance analysis, so I'm not sure if it's
nastily inefficient (I'll check that shortly). 

If anybody is interested, I'd like it if you would take a look and give
any feedback. This is my first piece of mono development, and first real
c# coding, so be gentle (yet at the same time, let the creative
criticism flow). ;)

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