[Mono-devel-list] Problem with System.Reflection.ConstructorInfo

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sun Mar 7 11:47:07 EST 2004

> I recently installed SuSE in order to be able to test Mono. The first thing
> I tried was to compile some of my .NET code with mcs, but sadly I never got
> any farther. What ever I tried the compiler always threw an exception about
> ConstructorInfo being undefined. Here is the what I got in the shell:

The code provides enough information about what MCS is having problems
with, you need to produce a small test case, and submit it to Bugzilla:

> Exception caught by the compiler while compiling:
>    Block that caused the problem begin at: HotlineField.cs: (21)
>                      Block being compiled: [HotlineField.cs: (31),Internal:
> (1)]

The code is in HotlineField.cs starting at line 21-31 and extending to
the end of that block.

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