[Mono-devel-list] Problem with System.Reflection.ConstructorInfo

Etienne Boucher etienne at novat.qc.ca
Sat Mar 6 14:48:25 EST 2004

I recently installed SuSE in order to be able to test Mono. The first thing
I tried was to compile some of my .NET code with mcs, but sadly I never got
any farther. What ever I tried the compiler always threw an exception about
ConstructorInfo being undefined. Here is the what I got in the shell:

djof at Lariane7:~/Code/NetTest> mcs -unsafe *.cs

** (/usr/bin/mcs.exe:2974): WARNING **: Failed to attach shared memory!
Falling back to non-shared handles
Exception caught by the compiler while compiling:
   Block that caused the problem begin at: HotlineField.cs: (21)
                     Block being compiled: [HotlineField.cs: (31),Internal:
System.Exception: unrecognized type in MakeByteBlob:
        in ArrayCreation.MakeByteBlob (System.Collections.ArrayList,
System.Type, Mono.CSharp.Location)
        in ArrayCreation.EmitStaticInitializers (Mono.CSharp.EmitContext,
        in ArrayCreation.DoEmit (Mono.CSharp.EmitContext, bool)
        in ArrayCreation.Emit (Mono.CSharp.EmitContext)
        in ArrayCreation.EmitDynamicInitializers (Mono.CSharp.EmitContext,
        in ArrayCreation.DoEmit (Mono.CSharp.EmitContext, bool)
        in ArrayCreation.Emit (Mono.CSharp.EmitContext)
        in FieldExpr.EmitAssign (Mono.CSharp.EmitContext,
Mono.CSharp.Expression )
        in Assign.Emit (Mono.CSharp.EmitContext, bool)
        in Assign.EmitStatement (Mono.CSharp.EmitContext)
        in StatementExpression.DoEmit (Mono.CSharp.EmitContext)
        in Statement.Emit (Mono.CSharp.EmitContext)
        in Block.DoEmit (Mono.CSharp.EmitContext)
        in Block.Emit (Mono.CSharp.EmitContext)
        // More Block.DoEmit && Block.Emit
        in EmitContext.EmitTopBlock (Mono.CSharp.Block,
Mono.CSharp.InternalPara meters, Mono.CSharp.Location)

If anyone knows how to fix this, help would be very appreciated. I have
installed mono from the  SuSE 0.30.2 package.

Etienne Boucher

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