[Mono-devel-list] Methodology with file permissions

Jason Starin | Giant Head jasonstarin at giant-head.com
Wed Jun 16 12:05:46 EDT 2004

<<If you have it working on ASP.NET/C# steps 1 and 3 are do-nothings.>>

I seem to be a master at making trouble out of nothing.

>1.  Figure out how Mono handles XSLT and see what I need to do to make that
>call work (That gives me something spiffy to look at)
>2.  Figure out how to connect to MySQL so I can see if I need to query for
>info in the file

<<For 2. you can duplicate your probably SQL Server-based classes and use 
extensive find-replace to use ByteFX.MySQLClient classes. Then you'll need 
to adjust the connection string and the SQL statements (the strings in the 
"command" classes)>>

I'm using ByteFX now (after a little reworking) and have it working in the
windows runtime version (with only a few weird connection failures that are
for another list).  My Apache config file doesn't seem to be right though,
because I continue to have no success running the app on the server.
Something else has changed as well, and now hello world doesn't work either,
so I'm kind of working blind trying to figure out what failed.  A sample
config file for apache might be a useful thing to add to a developer's
website somewhere.

>3.  Figure out how to validate with an XSD in the Mono environment
>4.  Figure out how to keep Mono from showing off my scripts to the rest of
>the world, instead of running them like I tell it to

<<Well that is a task for Apache by just configuring mod_mono correctly.>>

Yeah, I'm guessing from all of the Fedora Core 2 traffic I've been reading
that this is going to be more than just difficult.

>5.  Figure out how to make the file write permissions work with a Mono 
>application.  (In an IIS machine, I'd just assign a user permission to the
>directory named ASPNET local, and make certain there couldn't be an ASPNET
>remote.  I'm far more sketchy of doing this with a Linux machine.  This is
>where I need a lot of thinking--and was hoping I could borrow some thoughts
>from others.

<<Well really, others are more qualified to help with that...>>

You're one of the few to reply, so any help you offer is at least twice the
value of what I've gotten from "others." :)  Mono seems to have an
implementation of security, so can it read a weblog file and use it for
permission purposes?  Assuming a valid Mono config and installation?

<<Welcome aboard,>>

Thank you very much, though it's not been easy, almost nothing that comes
from a Microsoft adopted standard is easy.

Would a few snippets of either attached code or inline text code be useful
to help with these issues, or is this just wait for the Fedora Core 2 RPM's?

Jason Starin

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