[Mono-devel-list] Methodology with file permissions

A Rafael D Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 15 17:52:59 EDT 2004

>From: "Jason Starin | Giant Head" <jasonstarin at giant-head.com>
>Hello, first things first:
>I have a CVS build of Mono (rebuilt yesterday) on a Fedora Core 2 system, 
>ASP.NET application that runs fine on a windows machine, and am trying to
>figure out the best steps for porting it over to the Mono runtime

>I see the common breakdown as something like:

If you have it working on ASP.NET/C# steps 1 and 3 are do-nothings.

>1.  Figure out how Mono handles XSLT and see what I need to do to make that
>call work (That gives me something spiffy to look at)
>2.  Figure out how to connect to MySQL so I can see if I need to query for
>info in the file

For 2. you can duplicate your probably SQL Server-based classes and use 
extensive find-replace to use ByteFX.MySQLClient classes. Then you'll need 
to adjust the connection string and the SQL statements (the strings in the 
"command" classes)

>3.  Figure out how to validate with an XSD in the Mono environment
>4.  Figure out how to keep Mono from showing off my scripts to the rest of
>the world, instead of running them like I tell it to

Well that is a task for Apache by just configuring mod_mono correctly.

>5.  Figure out how to make the file write permissions work with a Mono 
>application.  (In an IIS machine, I'd just assign a user permission to the
>directory named ASPNET local, and make certain there couldn't be an ASPNET
>remote.  I'm far more sketchy of doing this with a Linux machine.  This is
>where I need a lot of thinking--and was hoping I could borrow some thoughts
>from others.

Well really, others are more qualified to help with that...

>Web links are encouraged, and command line by command line examples are 
>greatly appreciated, but I'm willing to take whatever can be given, that
>helps point me in the right direction.
>Jason Starin

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