[Mono-devel-list] memory leak when using RegexOptions.IgnoreCase

Davy Brion ralinx at pandora.be
Sun Jun 13 08:59:51 EDT 2004


when running the attached code you can notice that the memory usage
keeps going up.  

if you replace line 16 with the following:
colMatches = Regex.Matches(strTest,strPattern);

then the memory usage is fine.  So the bug is triggered when you use
RegexOptions.IgnoreCase. In this example, it's not a huge problem, but
because of this bug, my real application's memory usage goes up to
900MB... if i keep it running it just keeps going up. 

The attached code is merely a small testcase which triggers the bug. 
Could this be fixed before 1.0 final comes out?

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