[Mono-devel-list] [PATCH] corcompare improvements

Gert Driesen gert.driesen at pandora.be
Sat Jun 12 16:19:50 EDT 2004


I've attached a patch for mono-api-diff and mono-api-info that will help us to discov additional API difference between the Mono and MS.NET class libraries :

* mono-api-diff.cs:
  - check method/ctor parameters
  - use target attribute for attributes in key for attributes
    (if available). This allows us to differentiate between method
    and return type attributes for methods
  - check field values (for literal fields)
  - LoadExtraData was not always called, causing certain signature
    mismatches not to be reported

* mono-api-info.cs:
  - check field values of literal fields
  - document parameters of method/ctors
  - also output attribute applied to return type of methods

Needless to say that this comes with a price: the performance of both applications will degrade, but in my opinion this is not a priority right now (I'm sure I can improve this later). By running the modified version of these apps on my system, I've already discovered rather serious mismatches. Please commit this patch, and ask the core developers to check/fix the issues reported (I'd be happy to assist ofcourse).

I haven't yet had time to update the XSLT to output the parameters of method/ctors in the class status HTML pages though ... 

I'll try to find some time next week to add verification of the values of fields and property of attributes that are applied to class/members, that should make the verification more or less complete ...

By the way: you'll need to rebuild the masterinfo xml files after applying this patch.


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