[Mono-devel-list] macosx beta2 binary

Urs Muff umuff at QUARK.com
Wed Jun 9 21:06:37 EDT 2004

The binary distribution does not include gtk# and is self contained and does
not refer to anything outside itself.

If you have gtk# installed you did that on your own and has nothing to do
with the binary distribution, you most likely have more then one mono
install then, which might explain some of your problems.

There are some well known gtk# issues, just look @ miguel's blog how he got
MonoDevelop to run...

Gtk# is such a dependency beast (about 200 very complex ones) that only few
hackers dared to tackle them; and none succeeded to make a binary self
contained Mac compliant package installer for gtk#. 

Btw: I was the first hacker that got MonoDevelop to run on the Mac and am
very aware of all your pains, but right now solving them of all Mac users is
out of my control, sorry.

But reporting bugs and issues you have with the Mac distribution here is the
right thing to do, just one note having constructive report including ways
you want it fixed is the best way to go.

- Urs

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hmm well i was playing with a bit, now i can run gtk# samples, but as 
you can see from the "howto" there's a lot to change/fix


any comments/ideas? (fe.: which .dylibs should be removed from 


On Jun 10, 2004, at 1:07 AM, Urs Muff wrote:

> Well a binary distribution has nothing to a fink or darwinport one, 
> and is
> intended for someone who has no prior installation.  I will definitely 
> not
> uninstall anything you already have installed.
> All the libraries and dependencies are local to the Mono framework, 
> there
> are just some symbolic links in /usr/bin that point to the framework.
> You can remove it by removing /Library/Framework/Mono.framework and 
> all the
> symbolic links in /usr/bin that point in there.
> Darwinport and fink distributions are more intended for developers or 
> people
> that know what they are doing.
> - Urs
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> hi
> ::: well after installing mono beta 2 binary on my macosx i've just
> realized that it totally has f***d up the structure (paths etc) that it
> had in beta1 binary - the darwinports like binary way, because of this
> it seems that i have to recompile everything because of
> cross-references... any ideas maybe to avoid this - or a way to simply
> remove whole beta2? :(
> just cannot understand why did you have to change all this....
> regards
> wiking
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