[Mono-devel-list] Idea: Bittorrent and Mono.

Mike Stanley mstanley at mstanley.net
Wed Jul 28 10:18:50 EDT 2004

Absolutely.  +1

The Bittorent protocol should be a library part of the main Mono
branch.  On the other hand, a GUI client that utilizes it for file
sharing shouldn't be, but that is completely different.

Bittorent has only started to show its potential.  Make it a
tool/library available to everyone, and sit back and watch innovation
(as if anyone is planning on sitting back :-).  

- Mike

On Tue, 2004-07-27 at 19:53, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> Hello,
> > Perhaps the developer's list is not the place for this conversation,
> > and I apologize if this is the case [one of the topics for this list
> > is "discussions about future directions"], but this is probably one
> > place full of strong opinions on the true goals of Mono beyond just
> > this amazing .NET implementation.  Do people share a common interest
> > in using Mono to create the next generation of Linux applications?
> Well, I am biased, but I believe strongly in creating desktop
> applications in Linux using Mono.
> What I see as advantageous in having a C# implementation of Bittorrent
> (the client, and an embeddable server) is that it opens the door for
> new ideas and innovation.
> Today bittorrent is used mostly as a command line tool to download
> software, and what I would like to see is Bittorrent just as a standard
> protocol of existing applications.
> Sure, you can fetch files by using:
> 	system ("wget http://www.download.com/file.zip")
> But there are plenty of reasons why people want to have an http library
> in their applications:
> 	* Control: pause, resume, suspend.
> 	* Progress report.
> 	* Efficiency.
> 	* Removal of runtime dependencies
> 	* Robustness.
> In fact, we should effectively just use Bittorrent for bulk transfers
> everywhere.  If this was part of your class libraries, you could have
> your browser just bittorrent download anything that ends in .torrent,
> without requiring any special setup.
> Miguel
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