[Mono-devel-list] Idea: Bittorrent and Mono.

Jeff Wilcox jeffwilcox at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 08:46:38 EDT 2004

Mike and others:

> My point here is that a Binary Encoder/Binary Decoder is probably the
> first step towards getting a bittorrent library going, although
> changes/improvements could be considered.

Although the code is far from beautiful, it can roundtrip torrent
files and correctly deal with binary hashes, etc.  One of the initial
problems I had was opening large torrents (such as the Fedora Core 2
DVD) because Cohen's spec does not specify that when the spec says
integers it really should be an Int64.


If you just want the "B-Encode" .cs file, 

Hopefully someone can either make use of this or at least use it as inspiration.

Jeff Wilcox

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