[Mono-devel-list] mono-debugger 0.9

Jacques Beaurain jacques at istop.com
Fri Jul 16 18:59:48 EDT 2004


I also wanted to use the debugger with 1.0 and just started to look at 
Mono 1.0 with a lot of interest. I did figure out how to get it to 
compile by modifying the Mono headers before trying to compile it. Here 

1. It seems that two structures has moved into the internal source and 
their contents are no longer exposed. This is probably with intent to 
prevent source code depending on Mono from breaking with upgrades (as 
mono-debugger did). So back up the files you are going to change and 
change them back after compiling mono-debugger.

2. Open  /usr/mono/metadata/image.h and /usr/mono/metadata/class.h in a 
text editor and save backups of them. They may lie elsewhere depending 
on your install.

3. Remove the line containing:

typedef struct MonoVTable MonoVTable;

from class.h and replace with the following code:

ypedef struct {
    MonoClass  *klass;
     * According to comments in gc_gcj.h, this should be the second word in
     * the vtable.
    void *gc_descr;    
    MonoDomain *domain;  /* each object/vtable belongs to exactly one 
domain */
    guint       max_interface_id;
        gpointer   *interface_offsets;  
        gpointer    data; /* to store static class data */
        gpointer    type; /* System.Type type for klass */
    guint remote          : 1; /* class is remotely activated */
    guint initialized     : 1; /* cctor has been run */
    /* do not add any fields after vtable, the structure is dynamically 
extended */
        gpointer    vtable [MONO_ZERO_LEN_ARRAY];   
} MonoVTable;

4. Remove the line containing:

typedef struct _MonoAssembly MonoAssembly;

from image.h and put the following after the MonoAssemblyName struct define.

typedef struct {
    int   ref_count;
    char *basedir;
    gboolean in_gac;
    MonoAssemblyName aname;
    GModule *aot_module;
    MonoImage *image;
    /* Load files here */
    gboolean dynamic;
} MonoAssembly;

5. Configure and compile mono-debugger as you normally would. It should 
now compile.

6. Change the files back. You can continue to compile monodevelop 
without these changes.



Jacques Beaurain

>Am Samstag, 3. Juli 2004 14:33 schrieben Sie:
>>/ you have sent this mail three times now... once to the gtk-sharp list
>/>/ and twice to the mono-devel list.
>/Sorry, that was a mistake.
>>/ please only send your mail once... if you do not get a reply, it means
>/>/ that people probably weren't able to help you.
>/I just think about that this mailing-lists are not good for beginners.
>For some people my questions must be very stupid.
>I am developing a long time under windows with MFC, go and ask me something!
>Seems that all developers in this list do not have to debug!
>Wolfgang Mauer

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