[Mono-devel-list] Idea: Bittorrent and Mono.

Jeff Wilcox jeffwilcox at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 09:23:34 EDT 2004

I'm a relatively new subscriber to many of the Mono mailing lists, and
this is one of the first suggestions that I have become quite
interested in.  There have been a few successful attempts at BT C#
ports, such as BT.Net, but the source is not widely available.

I agree that there is amazing potential for this.  After reading
Miguel's posting a few days ago, I spent some time analyzing the
Python source and began a small BitTorrent "proof of concept" project.
 At this time it's mostly the utilitarian functionality, and I'm not
sure how far I will be able to take this before school starts up

* Is anyone else actively developing, or interested in developing this

* How would development of something like this take place - does
Novell have some kind of a SourceForge-like area for Mono-type
projects or extension projects, or would this take place elsewhere for
possible future inclusion in Mono, or would this eventually just move
into the Mono CVS?

Thanks for your time, great idea... A C# client could really move BT
into some new realms.

- Jeff Wilcox

My half-cent thought on BT potential for software distr.:

I'm currently an intern at a large pharmaceutical company, and I see a
great potential for BT in some unexpected places.  As opposed to
having to maintain mirrors/file servers in a company for rolling out
software, BT could be coupled with tools similar to Zen Works,
distributing a lot of the load that major updates place on specific
infrastructure areas.

I know some here that would love the idea of rolling out new software
using peer distribution; cross-continent software rollouts and updates
currently pull from machines located on the East Coast (US), and I've
heard stories of frustration from the techies who manage these

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