[Mono-devel-list] issues with mono and redhat 9

Subba Rao Thirumoorthy subbarao at network2.cs.usm.my
Tue Jan 27 01:30:28 EST 2004

im a devoloper using mono and have successfully implemented document
conferencing system.(my server runs in linux using
mono)(multithreaded,multipoint architecture)
my system works like a file transfer system.,

i have two issues with mono,

1)since i ship my server rpm and i require mono to run, alot of my customers
complain that the mono rpm's that they can find to install have dependency
issues.My understanding of the rpm is that it should work on any freshly
machine(redhat 8.0) but it requires libpthread >2.3.2 but if u do a source
install(make install) it will install fine.(w/out the dependencies..)
Cant there be rpm's released w/out this dependencies..??

2)using redhat 7.3/8.0 my server works fine using any mono distro's
but with redhat 9.0 the only distro that works is 0.23 other than than
anything >0.23 doesnt work,
it installs fine though

the problem that i face is during uploading of my file to the server from a
client it hangs after certain percentage.
any ideas on this?
i would gladly provide any further information.
really appreaciate the help.


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