[Mono-devel-list] Writing assembly

Eric Durand Tremblay eric.durand-tremblay.1 at ulaval.ca
Mon Feb 23 16:28:05 EST 2004

>On 02/23/04 Eric Durand Tremblay wrote:
>>The reason is simple.  The so called BaseClass is not available on the 
>>.net framework.  When writhing a regex in an assembly ( with 
>Well, the class exists, it's called RegexRunner, the issue is that it is
>not well documented. There are two cases: either we make our support
>compatible with the MS one or we don't. 

Thanks Lupus,

You're right, we are better not worry about this for now.  As you say, 
these kind of assembly can always be recompiled using mono.  We can even 
make some automatic tools who do this with reflection.


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