[Mono-devel-list] Writing assembly

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Mon Feb 23 16:02:06 EST 2004

On 02/23/04 Eric Durand Tremblay wrote:
> The reason is simple.  The so called BaseClass is not available on the 
> .net framework.  When writhing a regex in an assembly ( with 

Well, the class exists, it's called RegexRunner, the issue is that it is
not well documented. There are two cases: either we make our support
compatible with the MS one or we don't. In the first case there is no
need to copy the base class implementation to the generated assembly,
because the generated class would simply derive from RegexRunner and
hence have access at it's implementation. If we are not going to be
compatible, we can make the class derive from our own RegexRunner (maybe
also with a different name), so there is no need to copy the code out
anyway. The only case where it could be needed is to get compaibility
just one way, from mono to the MS: this isn't an interesting case,
however, because most of the stuff in the mono world is with source
available and so could be easily recompiled with the MS runtime
if needed.
Maybe some of the people on this list who are already tainted by having
looked at rotor or disassembled some MS code and as such can't
contribute with code to mono, could have a go at documenting
RegexRunner, it's methods and it's protected fields (well, a nnice 
MS dev could write a blog entry about it, too:-).


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