[Mono-devel-list] to draw or not to draw

ROUGE Alain Alain.ROUGE at enac.fr
Wed Feb 18 09:35:55 EST 2004

SWF is not stable and is broken under Mono.
again you've got to wait got for a couple of month to have a working SWF 
under Mono.
That's said SWF throught wine is not really robust,  gtk# is more robust 
but gdk is very weak for drawing.
SD is usable but you've to render to a bitmap.

So it is impossible to write a real world application with complicated 
graphics under Mono. for the moment.
It 's seems that few people are interested in drawing in the mono galaxy. 
I don't understand why Novell/Ximian/Suse don't hire a team of developpers 
to work on wine, gdiplus, SD, SWF.
That's a strategic area for me. not for miguel. :-(

wxWindows is not a native widget set. so not a good solution for me.

Perhaps you should use gkt# and write a decent layer on the top of gdk# to 
handle drawing in the spirit of SD.


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