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brunofr at olympum.com brunofr at olympum.com
Wed Feb 11 03:54:55 EST 2004


Dunno if really helps, but ... with an out-of-the-box Mono, Gtk# and Monodoc, I
am able to add docs to the various element in Monodoc. I have a file

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <source provider="ecma" basefile="jninet-docs" path="various"/>

and my Makefile runs the Monodoc assembler and installs over the monodoc lib
directory the .tree .zip and .source files.

all: jninet-docs.zip jninet-docs.tree

jninet-docs.zip jninet-docs.tree: en/*/*.xml en/*.xml
	mono $(ASSEMBLER) --ecma en -o jninet-docs

install: jninet-docs.zip jninet-docs.tree 
	install -m 644 jninet-docs.zip jninet-docs.tree `monodoc --get-sourcesdir`
	install -m 644 jninet-docs.source `monodoc --get-sourcesdir`

I am not getting any issues showing my namespace then under the "Various" node. 


Quoting Philip Tricca <phil at noggle.biz>:
> I've been spending some time trying to use Monodoc to generate
> documentation, and have run into some trouble. Through directions posted
> by Miguel in an old Mono-list posting (see URL below) I've managed to
> generate the .zip .tree and .sources files rather easily. However after
> copying these files to the sources directory (monodoc --get-sourcesdir)
> no changes are reflected in the actual monodoc browser. I've played
> around with  the monodoc.xml file just to see if I can get any changes
> displayed in the GUI, and have been able to add nodes to the base "Mono
> Documentation" level, but nothing beyond that. The generated .zip file
> contains plenty of information about my test class, so I think I'm just
> missing a final step. Any help would be great.
> http://lists.ximian.com/archives/public/mono-list/2003-December/017237.html
> Truly,
>  - Phil
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