[Mono-devel-list] Monodoc - custom documentation

Philip Tricca phil at noggle.biz
Wed Feb 11 02:15:21 EST 2004

I've been spending some time trying to use Monodoc to generate
documentation, and have run into some trouble. Through directions posted
by Miguel in an old Mono-list posting (see URL below) I've managed to
generate the .zip .tree and .sources files rather easily. However after
copying these files to the sources directory (monodoc --get-sourcesdir)
no changes are reflected in the actual monodoc browser. I've played
around with  the monodoc.xml file just to see if I can get any changes
displayed in the GUI, and have been able to add nodes to the base "Mono
Documentation" level, but nothing beyond that. The generated .zip file
contains plenty of information about my test class, so I think I'm just
missing a final step. Any help would be great.


 - Phil

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