[Mono-devel-list] Goals for Mono 2005

Ben Maurer bmaurer at ximian.com
Mon Dec 27 12:10:16 EST 2004

On Mon, 2004-12-27 at 01:19 -0500, Daniel Morgan wrote:
> I am curious to what goals do other people have for Mono in 2005?  Todd,
> Zbowling, Gonzalo, Paco, Mkestner, BenM, ...

First, let me go for some low hanging fruit. If there are people out
there looking for a new task, these could be some great places to get

      * System.Collections.Generic. Right now, all that is left is List
        <T> (easy), and Dictionary <K,V> (somewhat harder). However,
        extensive testing is needed.
      * Touching up the System.Reflection[.Emit] additions in 2.0. Not
        that much to do here.
      * System.IO additions in 2.0
      * Test cases
              * It would be great to have a green tree for NUnit.
              * More coverage is needed. It would be great to bring back
                Zoltan's coverage tool and use it on NUnit
              * Ensure that all of our tests are running on
              * Write tests for 2.0 apis
      * Low hanging fruit on bugzilla.
      * The return of Mono Weekly News (*wink* jhill *wink*)
      * Performance tweaks. There is so much low hanging fruit here it
        is not even funny.

Of course, then comes the the usual wishes. Precise GC, new regalloc,
linear IR for the jit. Also, would be cool to see some other innovation
in the VM :
      * mmap'd metadata structures that can be shared between processes
        like Sun did for Java 1.5
      * more tuning of AOT that Zoltan is already doing
      * faster -O=shared code
      * inlined monitor fastpath
      * interesting new optimizations (eg, using SSA to remove
        castclass, etc)

These are fairly hard, though a few are relatively low hanging.

-- Ben

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