[Mono-devel-list] Goals for Mono 2005

Francisco T. Martinez martinf at mfconsulting.com
Mon Dec 27 06:29:29 EST 2004

Daniel Morgan wrote:

>I am curious to what goals do other people have for Mono in 2005?  Todd,
>Zbowling, Gonzalo, Paco, Mkestner, BenM, ...
>Feel free to blog or reply on the mono-devel-list.
>My 2 cents are:
>- fix System.Data
>- fix data provider bugs, such providers include SqlClient, OracleClient,
>- help implement ADO.NET 2.0 features in System.Data and data providers.
>Some examples:
>  . ObjectSpaces
>  . Provider Factories
>  . Data Source Enumerator
>  . Meta Data Schemas 
>  . Connection String building
>  . Tracing
>- get around to creating a real automated test suite - 1 for connected and
>another for disconnected
>Some things I would like to see happen:
>- See GtkSourceView and GechoSharp released on Win32
>- MonoDevelop releases a Win32 version (thanks to zbowling)
>- MonoDevelop released with Database query support (thanks to ChrisH)
Some of these goals are already in progress, but hope to deliver a cut 
of all of these projects with the objectives listed below during the 
course of  this new year.  Things that could affect the scope and/or 
reach of these goals are the availability of MonoDevelop on Win32 (may 
make any attention to #Develop a distant third, and attention to 
versions of Visual Studio a close second) and/or the arrival of a Gtk# 
friendly HTML rendering component to the Windows operating systems.

Paco's 2005 Goals:

* Build Mono, Gtk#, XSP from source in Win32
    - Simplify the "build from source" process in Win32 to were it 
becomes trivial or very easy
    - Use the current Mono Win32 combined installer as the only 
prerequisite -- aside from cygwin to build from source

* Mono Runtime for Win32
    - Create a Mono Runtime only installer that coupled with the Gtk# 
Runtime would become the bases for a runtime bundle for deploying *NIX 
and Win32 created applications in Windows.

* prj2make-sharp
    - VB.NET 2003 project reading capabilities
    - Visual Studio 2005 Express Project reading
    - Improve Visual Studio .NET 2003 web project handling

* VSPrj2make - Visual Studio Add-in
    - Complete the "Test in Mono" feature
    - Port the add-in to Visual Studio 2005 Express
    - Port the add-in to #Develop

* MonoDoc for Win32
    - Create a Win32 port of MonoDoc -- depends on the availability of 
gtkhtml3, Mozilla embedding on Windows
    - Create a browser application that is functionally equivalent to 
MonoDoc on Linux -- embedded IE if nothing else

* Gtk# for .NET Framework SDK and Runtime
    - Create new project template types for Visual Basic .NET under 
Visual Studio .NET 2003

I want to thank Daniel Morgan for getting the ball rolling on this topic.


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