[Mono-devel-list] System.Drawing.Font question

Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Wed Dec 22 07:00:31 EST 2004

>Regardindg the i18n Mono issues: should we implement something like "_T"
>string macro in C++ Qt and KDE libraries and work with .po files? I
>think it's a standard way for internationalization of Open Source projects.
We don't have a specific plan for that yet, but I dislike the _T macro 
approach. There's not enough text in those dialogs that we really have to 
worry about it right now. Ideally, we will probably have an assembly that 
contains all the strings required for each language, and depending on 
locale, we load the appropriate assembly and pull in the strings (which 
might be static properties in that assembly).

I think you'll be fine just embedding those few strings until we have we 
define the plan for localization. Which will happen after the christmas 
break. It won't be hard going back and replacing those. To make it even 
easier, you can create a subclass in your control that contains all strings 
used as static properties. That we, they don't have to be searched later on.


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