[Mono-devel-list] (AMD64) Compiler Warnings (2)

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Mon Dec 6 01:47:53 EST 2004


> <rant>
> Until now I've not seen one answer saying, 'Yes, we'll apply your patch, 
> if you a.) .. b.) .. c.) ..'.
> It seems there is no single person in charge of approving patches that 
> come from the community. Given that no-one is responsible, no one 
> -except Duncan- cares (at least I get that feeling on my end of the 
> internet). Furthermore I don't know whom I've got to contact but instead 
> I've to use some sort of shotgun method and hope to hit the 'target' 
> (thereby also increasing noise level on this list).

Before your patch can be considered to be included, it must meet the
coding style for Mono (as pointed out by Duncan), otherwise you are
adding more work for us to do.

> Collaborating with you mono hackers is very difficult as no clear 
> hierarchy exists ('who's in charge of patches from community') and 
> communications is 'not optimal'.

People left for the weekend, so it is normal that you do not get a reply
back, and the value of the patch does not have the sense of urgency
since most of us are still using 32-bit machines.

Different parts of Mono are maintained by different people, the best
thing to do with your patch is to also file it on bugzilla, which is the
standard location that we use to keep track of information.

When a patch is really hot (because its so good, or it adds a lot of new
functionality) people tend to be more responsive, but even in those
cases, things might fall through the cracks.

> Just as a side-note: I considered this patch to be some sort of test 
> balloon on how I should do contributions based on my 
> ContinuousOptimizationFramework work: (1) Lots of small patches,  or (2) 
> some all-in-one patch. (Given I probably won't get svn-write access.)

Your patch must do something actually useful, consider all the patches
that Ben has contributed to CVS.  They typically go through a series of
postings to Bugzilla, they are reviewed time and again, and once we are
happy with them, ChangeLogs are provided, regression tests are in place,
they get commited.

Some patches take a long time to develop: SSAPRE, Mini, Anonymous
Methods have all been developed for a few months at a time before they
can be commited to the repository.

Some other patches are applied immediately.

Also, you must be aware that for us to check your code into Mono SVN for
the Mono runtime, we will need a signed letter from you that authorizes
us to relicense the code. 

> Seems I'll go for (2), although I *strongly* would have preferred (1)..

Query Bugzilla: you will see that there are plenty of patches pending
and that go through a review process.

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