[Mono-devel-list] (AMD64) Compiler Warnings (2)

Willibald Krenn Willibald.Krenn at gmx.at
Sat Dec 4 11:36:56 EST 2004

Duncan Mak schrieb:
> I think it'd be nice if you could follow more strictly the coding style
> convention outlined in mcs/CodingStyle.

*me looks puzzled*

 From CodingStyle - 1st line: "Coding Style for the Mono C# source code."
That's why I haven't looked at this file in more detail before.

Given my mods are _very_ limited: Do you want me to add a space after 
GX_TO_Y macro calls? Or spaces between the string constants in printf 
arg1? Or shall I rename the symbolic constants? I'm completely clueless 
what you want me to change.

BTW: If the jit hackers consider this patch unnecessary, then *please* 
say it. This will save us time: You won't be bothered by any further 
e-mails and I can concentrate on other things.

Until now I've not seen one answer saying, 'Yes, we'll apply your patch, 
if you a.) .. b.) .. c.) ..'.
It seems there is no single person in charge of approving patches that 
come from the community. Given that no-one is responsible, no one 
-except Duncan- cares (at least I get that feeling on my end of the 
internet). Furthermore I don't know whom I've got to contact but instead 
I've to use some sort of shotgun method and hope to hit the 'target' 
(thereby also increasing noise level on this list).

Collaborating with you mono hackers is very difficult as no clear 
hierarchy exists ('who's in charge of patches from community') and 
communications is 'not optimal'.

Just as a side-note: I considered this patch to be some sort of test 
balloon on how I should do contributions based on my 
ContinuousOptimizationFramework work: (1) Lots of small patches,  or (2) 
some all-in-one patch. (Given I probably won't get svn-write access.)

Seems I'll go for (2), although I *strongly* would have preferred (1)..

Thanks for looking at my patch & have a nice weekend,

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