[Mono-devel-list] Prjmake-sharp-gtk execution in Windows & mod_mono

Craig Dayton cadayton at starband.net
Mon Aug 16 22:24:37 EDT 2004

Yes, your response gave me enough of a kick to go and actually take a peek
at the mod_mono source.

XSP is running on Windows today.

According to the man pages, mod_mono can has 2 choices for communicating
'MonoUnixSocket' or MonoListenPort.  The 'MonoUnixSocket' option appears to
be the choice your describing below.
The 'MonoListPort' option appears to be an implementation of tcp-sockets.
The mod_mono source files consist of both *.cs and *.c files, so it appears
both a c and mcs compiler will be needed.

Its over my head to put together a makefile that would generate the right
code to implement mod_mono in the Windows environment.

Has anyone slane this dragon yet?

Thanks, Craig

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>AFAIK, mod_mono is C-code, and so isn't compiled by mcs, 
>because it should be a platform-native library that is loaded 
>by Apache. In operation mod_mono bridges to the managed web 
>server XSP, that is the true host of ASP.NET pages.
>I may be in the ionosphere here, but never heard of mod_mono 
>and/or xsp working in windows. If my memory is not playing 
>tricks on me, I think that the lack of unix-sockets (not 
>tcp-sockets) in Windows makes it hard to have mod_mono talking 
>to XSP, and is the biggest hurdle in the way, but probably not 
>the only one. Someone suggested to use Named Pipes for the 
>Windows port, but never heard it having being coded and released.
>Hope it helps,
>On Sun, 15 Aug 2004 14:53:36 -0700, Craig Dayton 
><cadayton at starband.net> wrote:
>> I've set the system env variables as indicated below and 
>modified the 
>> bat file, but prjmake-sharp-gtk is still expecting to find files 
>> located at C:\mono\Mono-1.0\lib\pango\1.2.0\modules.
>> It appears prjmake-sharp-gtk.exe has a hard coded directory 
>> in it or I'm missing a environmental setting. My work around was to 
>> create the 'C:\mono...' directory and copy the appropriate files to 
>> it.
>> With the 'Mono Win32 Combined Installer', libmod_mono.so isn't 
>> available to support loading mod_mono in Apache.  I've down 
>loaded the 
>> source for mod_mono.  Would it be reasonable for me to expect that 
>> this can be compiled in the Win32 environment (mcs.exe of 
>course) and 
>> have it work with Apache2 (2.0.48)?
>> If so, I'm not quite sure how to go about getting the Makefile.Win32 
>> generated since there doesn't appear to be a corresponding *.csproj 
>> file available.  Given the existing examples, I could probably build 
>> it from scratch but would like know if mod_mono has a chance at 
>> working first.
>> Thanks, Craig
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>> MONO_CFG_DIR=E:\PROGRA~1\MONO-1~1.1\etc
>> MONO_PATH=E:\PROGRA~1\MONO-1~1.1\lib
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