[Mono-devel-list] Prjmake-sharp-gtk execution in Windows & mod_mono

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 14:54:48 EDT 2004

AFAIK, mod_mono is C-code, and so isn't compiled by mcs, because it
should be a platform-native library that is loaded by Apache. In
operation mod_mono bridges to the managed web server XSP, that is the
true host of ASP.NET pages.

I may be in the ionosphere here, but never heard of mod_mono and/or
xsp working in windows. If my memory is not playing tricks on me, I
think that the lack of unix-sockets (not tcp-sockets) in Windows makes
it hard to have mod_mono talking to XSP, and is the biggest hurdle in
the way, but probably not the only one. Someone suggested to use Named
Pipes for the Windows port, but never heard it having being coded and

Hope it helps,

On Sun, 15 Aug 2004 14:53:36 -0700, Craig Dayton <cadayton at starband.net> wrote:
> I've set the system env variables as indicated below and modified the bat
> file, but prjmake-sharp-gtk is still expecting to find files located at
> C:\mono\Mono-1.0\lib\pango\1.2.0\modules.
> It appears prjmake-sharp-gtk.exe has a hard coded directory reference in it
> or I'm missing a environmental setting. My work around was to create the
> 'C:\mono...' directory and copy the appropriate files to it.
> With the 'Mono Win32 Combined Installer', libmod_mono.so isn't available to
> support loading mod_mono in Apache.  I've down loaded the source for
> mod_mono.  Would it be reasonable for me to expect that this can be compiled
> in the Win32 environment (mcs.exe of course) and have it work with Apache2
> (2.0.48)?
> If so, I'm not quite sure how to go about getting the Makefile.Win32
> generated since there doesn't appear to be a corresponding *.csproj file
> available.  Given the existing examples, I could probably build it from
> scratch but would like know if mod_mono has a chance at working first.
> Thanks, Craig
> Environmental Settings:
> MONO_PATH=E:\PROGRA~1\MONO-1~1.1\lib
> PATH=PATH=E:\PROGRA~1\MONO-1~1.1\lib;PATH=E:\PROGRA~1\MONO-1~1.1\bin;%PATH%
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