[Mono-devel-list] .NET Web services in Perl?

donaldi sp don_aldi at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 12 23:00:31 EDT 2004

Yeah, I think Todd and Rafael is right, as long as your web service can 
output a wsdl then it can be used to generate proxy on the client side. 
Actually that's what I did to access pfpro function in PHP by creating 
web service using PHP nuSOAP with php and mod_mono running together in 
apache. It's working well now.

Good stuff,

 >> donaldi <<

Todd Berman wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-12-08 at 17:29 -0400, Vsevolod (Simon) Ilyushchenko wrote:
>>Ah, that makes sense. What should I use on the server to listen for the 
>>requests? Mod_mono and xsp?
>>However, ideally I'd like to do it completely without C# by having Perl 
>>code listening for requests and calling Perl modules. If I wanted to 
>>duplicate web services infrastructure in Perl, what C# classes should I 
>Sigh, what Rafael is telling you is that .net web services are just SOAP
>web services. If your perl service can output a wsdl (which can be
>static) than you can use wsdl.exe to generate a .NET proxy. All on the
>client side.
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