[Mono-devel-list] Mono mostly broken on Mac OS X

Adhamh Findlay mono at adhamh.com
Sun Aug 1 17:23:05 EDT 2004

Hi Brian,

Brian Gilman wrote:

> Hello All,
>     I've downloaded and installed Mono 1.0 on Mac OS X and have found 
> that it is mostly broken (at least that's my impression so far). When 
> trying to execute sqlsharp, I get errors that it cannot find it's 
> providers, XSP does not work properly, and I cannot get MonoDevelop to 
> run "out of the box".
Yeah, there are known problems here.  XSP has at least one OS X specific
bug that we can't get fixed.


MonoDevelop/MonoDoc are a different story.   Cocoa# 0.1 will have a
Cocoa# version of MonoDoc.  MonoDevelop is something that we have having
problems with.

>     O.K. I know that I'm complaining, and I don't like complainers 
> very much, so I would like to offer my services to the mono community 
> first, as a tester, and then as a developer. I've looked in Objc# and 
> Cocoa# but there doesn't seem to be anything there. Does anyone know 
> the status of this project?

Probably the best thing to do is join the #cocoa# channel on
irc.gnome.org.  That's where we tend to hang.

Cocoa# 0.1 should be out today, but may not be downloadable until
tomorrow.  Objc# is kinda up in the air.  How did you check these
modules from cvs?  It should be there, but I don't know how old the
versions would be as I don't know how often the anonymous cvs side is

>     I would like to get MonoDevelop up and running on the Mac. I have 
> tried to follow the directions on go-mono but, they do not seem to 
> work for me. I think the problem has to do with fink and some of the 
> dependencies on gtk+2 etc. If someone were willing to hold my hand 
> while I perform the installation and configuration, I'd be more than 
> happy to write up a "lessons learned" document to post on the Mono or 
> independent site. Any takers?? 

Geoff (Kangaroo) has done the most work on this.  He is gone camping
until Tuesday, but I'm sure he will help you when he gets back.  Also we
would like to get a somewhat stable MoneDevelop out for Mono 1.0.1, so
your help could be very valuable.


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