[Mono-devel-list] Patch for using egd/prngd for random number s

Solomon, Bernard bernard.solomon at ugsplm.com
Wed Apr 28 20:50:38 EDT 2004

Thanks for the comments I'm not a great security
expert (I basically just want corlib tests to work). 
I have actually put it in using the env var and in 
the style Miguel suggested. I don't know how secure
it is if you have access to the machine where
the daemon is running (for my own setup I know
not very!)


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Hello Bernie,

In security environment variables are generally considered an untrusted user
input. However I don't know much about EGD so I can't say if it could be
misused or not. But if this can lead to disclosure of the random data (even
partial) then all generated keys (symmetric or asymmetric) may be

As an alternative the file machine.config already contains many security
mapping required for the class libraries - but this is an XML file.

Sebastien Pouliot

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OK (I had that at one stage while I was writing it).

Any thoughts on how to pick up the name of the socket? Is the env var
OK? Or should it go in some config file and if so which?

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Subject: Re: [Mono-devel-list] Patch for using egd/prngd for random numbers

> Hello,
> > I've been meaning to send this round for a bit. Here is a patch
> > to enable use of egd or prngd for random numbers for machines
> > without /dev/random.
> >
> > It adds an option to configure --with-egd which can be
> > "yes" meaning use the env var MONO_EGD_SOCKET for
> > getting the socket to talk to the daemon, or can be the
> > name of the path to the socket if you want to compile this
> > in as an absolute reference.
> >
> > Any issues?
> I would build the code always, and only activate it if /dev/random is
> missing and we can talk to the server, as opposed to making it
> configurable.
> Miguel.
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