[Mono-devel-list] Getting Started On OS X

Ben Martin benmartin at fourthplanet.net
Fri Apr 23 16:11:42 EDT 2004

I got Mono to work on Panther by following Griffin Caprio's procedure ( 
http://homepage.mac.com/griffincaprio/mono/RunningMonoOnMacOSX.html ). I 
don't recall running into any problems with it. I did not try building 
it with garbage collection, which I guess is not working? Anyway, I have 
not exactly pushed Mono's feature set, so I am not really in a position 
to comment on how well it works or what is supported, but I have not run 
into any problems yet.

I am not interested per se in producing production quality code, so I 
may be a bad one to answer, but I have used both Mono's and Rotor/Gyro's 
compilers as far as compiling goes. These guys have patches which make 
Rotor and Gyro work more or less on the Mac: http://mondrian-script.org 
, though it is still a little finicky and I did not get the debugger to 
work which is, in short, not good. [And by the way, just on technical 
merits alone besides the obvious legal/commercial/political/ethical 
ones, Mono is much nicer than Rotor. Especially on the Macs, where it 
may take a few years for Rotor to compile.]

[You may find this to be useful too, I dunno. For some reason I have not 
gotten csharp mode to work in any of the emacs variants available on 
Mac, but there is a reasonable C# mode for Xcode's editor (blah - I want 
my Emacs) here http://www.druware.com/products/xcodetools.html .]

I am pretty much new at C# and Mono and Mac OS X (man, I just can't 
win), so perhaps someone who actually knows what they are doing will 

Ben Martin

mijobee wrote:

> i'm just getting started with mono on os x.  i have run into a few 
> issues but i'm not familiar with the build system so i won't bother 
> posting errors until i understand it a bit more but i wanted to see if 
> someone could drop me a few clues about what works/doesn't work with 
> the 0.31 release and any basic direction, i.e. where can i find more 
> information.
> my second question is what are people using to develop c# code on os 
> x?  also how do you handle having the 0.31 release installed but 
> developing with the latest from cvs because i would like to use mono 
> to develop websites but also possibly do some work on the mono ppc port.
> last question, is anyone current working on the os x port of mono?  i 
> am definitely interested in getting involved in the project.  thx
> -- 
> mijobee
> mijobee at mijobee.com
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