[Mono-devel-list] Getting Started On OS X

mijobee mijobee at mijobee.com
Fri Apr 23 12:58:15 EDT 2004

i'm just getting started with mono on os x.  i have run into a few 
issues but i'm not familiar with the build system so i won't bother 
posting errors until i understand it a bit more but i wanted to see if 
someone could drop me a few clues about what works/doesn't work with the 
0.31 release and any basic direction, i.e. where can i find more 

my second question is what are people using to develop c# code on os x?  
also how do you handle having the 0.31 release installed but developing 
with the latest from cvs because i would like to use mono to develop 
websites but also possibly do some work on the mono ppc port.

last question, is anyone current working on the os x port of mono?  i am 
definitely interested in getting involved in the project.  thx

mijobee at mijobee.com

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