[Mono-devel-list] HttpHandler

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier gonzalo at ximian.com
Tue Sep 30 23:25:09 EDT 2003

El mié, 01-10-2003 a las 05:12, Cezar Nasui escribió:
> Thanks Gonzalo for your reply.
> The namespace is Acme, class SimpleHandler, file name Handler.cs ->
> Handler.dll in /server/Test2/bin
> My web.config is now :
> <configuration>
>   <system.web>
>     <httpHandlers>
>       <add verb="*" path="*.hola" type="Acme.SimpleHandler, Handler" />
>     </httpHandlers>
>   </system.web>
> </configuration>
> but I get the same error even when I try to call a simple index.htm page
> that resides under /server, page that shouldn't be processed by
> handler..
> I thought is an permission problem, change /Test2 and /bin permissions 
> to root and 777 and no luck,
> One question : the web.config file you edited, is the one under /server
> or /server/test ?

Under server/test.

> I know web.config file is for configuring each application = it should
> be the one under /test but what it seems xsp reads is the one under
> server... and each time I add the httphandlers in there I get the error
> for any page I request.

If xsp.exe is in a different directory from where you are running it,
use the --root argument: mono /path/to/xsp.exe --root .


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