[Mono-devel-list] Linux .net IDE and refactoring tools

Mathieu Frenette mathieu at silphid.com
Tue Sep 30 21:16:34 EDT 2003

Hi everyone.

I'm a .NET developer moving into the Linux world and evaluating the
tools and technologies in here.  I just wanted to share my thoughts and
findings, and see what others have to suggest...

One of my concerns was the absence of IDEs for C# in Linux (I heard
#develop was moving into Linux, as well as Borland C# Builder, but
otherwise I was told to use EMACS).

My other concern was the absence of good refactoring tools.  I therefore
posted questions to two companies, Xtreme-Simplicity (developers of C#
Refactory, which I'm using in Windows) and JetBrain (developers of
IntelliJ IDEA, which I've been using before).  I thought I should share
the posts and replies with you...

*** #1: Post from me to JetBrain ***************************


I'm an IDEA enthousiast, however I find myself doing more .NET and C#
development for my work.  Even though the MSDevStudio.NET and C#
Refactory pair is great, I still miss so many things from IDEA.  Do you
have any plans for a port?  I'm sure you would have thousands and
thousands of immediate sales!  I keep hearing people in .NET talking
about how they love IDEA and how much they miss it in the .NET world,
like I do.

I develop C# and .NET code under both Windows and Linux, so a
cross-platform IDE for .NET would be the nicest of my dreams coming

Please let me know whether we should expect that from JetBrain, and if
yes, in what term.

*** #2: Reply from JetBrain *********************************

Hello Mathieu,

We are working on such project, but release date is not defined.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Serge Baranov
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

*** #3: Post from me to Xtreme-Simplicity *******************


I'm a C# Refactory enthousiast and will soon start developing .NET code
in a Linux environment (with Mono and Wine). I was wondering whether you
had any plans on porting C# Refactory to Linux...

I guess the real questions are:

1. Is the code portable (is it written in C# or C++, and does it have
unavoidable Windows dependancies)? Mono, Wine and other great packages
are available to help on this side.

2. Since C# Refactory integrates into MS DevStudio.NET, what IDE would
you be integrating with under Linux? Emacs?

3. Does your company have an interest in this emerging market? I can see
more and more people in the .NET world switching over from Windows to
Linux and there is definitely a lack of good .NET tools there.

Hoping to see you in the Linux scene some day not so far away! :-)

*** #4: Reply from Xtreme-Simplicity ***********************

Hi Mat,

It's something we're watching, along with the Borland IDE...

To answer your questions...

1. Yes, it's 90% c#, 10% C++ (we use C++ only for very low level speed
critical routines - we still have the C# equivalents).

2. Which IDE we'd target would, I guess, depend on the usage out
there... I believe the #develop guys are working on linux versions...

3. We are certainly interested - but you must remember our first
priority is to add features to the VS.NET version. The Whidbey release
is not too far away, and no doubt that will keep us busy for a while.

The other real determinant is the accessibility of the IDE... We don't
rely on VS.NET for much, but the IDE must be able to give us
"context-menu" access, detail the current selection, and notification on
project/solution changes.

Borland C# Builder fails on these counts. They have plans for the next
release, but for now we can't really work with it.

#develop is better - if nothing else they're an open shop and would
likely make changes if we could offer them the addin...

For now, it's up to *you*, Mathieu, to let us know what the Linux/.NET
scene is using - after all you're now part of it.

We don't have any problems targetting *uxes, but we need a good host IDE
(somehow I suspect (dare I say "hope") EMACS wil be bypassed by the
emerging community).



That's it.  By the way, when Jeremy says "it's up to *you*, Mathieu", I
really feel like you guys should also answer this call, because you've
been around longer that I did.  So, please, let's share thoughts, and
maybe formulate some statement for those companies...  How does that
sound to you?

Best regards,


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