[Mono-devel-list] C compile warnings

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sun Sep 21 20:55:29 EDT 2003

Hello Bernie,

> Given I tend to use non-GCC compilers they in general produce warnings that
> GCC doesn't with the current switches. This tends to bury warnings that are
> important (e.g. a int */long * difference I have just noticed). I was
> wondering what in general the policy was for this. The only way to get the
> warnings out of gcc is with -pedantic but that will produce a lot of new GCC
> warnings. I note glib has a --enable-ansi switch to configure which would
> cause it to use -pedantic but don't know if that is standard and if it is an
> optional setting presumably regressions creep in. Of course I can use grep
> and so on though some compilers aren't precise in the warning making that
> hard (the Sun Forte one does tell you types involved which makes grep
> possible).

I believe that eliminating warnings is a good idea, because sometimes
they happen to point out real bugs in the code.  We have to slowly move
towards removing all warnings.  

Am not sure that we can use -pedantic right now, but lets start fixing
the issues that you are coming across in your compiler..  The sooner,
the better.


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