[Mono-devel-list] C compile warnings

Bernie Solomon bernard at ugsolutions.com
Wed Sep 17 20:35:07 EDT 2003

Given I tend to use non-GCC compilers they in general produce warnings that
GCC doesn't with the current switches. This tends to bury warnings that are
important (e.g. a int */long * difference I have just noticed). I was
wondering what in general the policy was for this. The only way to get the
warnings out of gcc is with -pedantic but that will produce a lot of new GCC
warnings. I note glib has a --enable-ansi switch to configure which would
cause it to use -pedantic but don't know if that is standard and if it is an
optional setting presumably regressions creep in. Of course I can use grep
and so on though some compilers aren't precise in the warning making that
hard (the Sun Forte one does tell you types involved which makes grep

The sort of noise you see is a lot about casts betwen signed & unsigned
types & between function pointers and void * and so on (e.g. icall.c
produces lots of warnings). I have found no options to switch this off
selectively (e.g. just signedness warnings).

Anyway is there some way of improving this or do I just have to carefully
filter the warnings?

Bernie Solomon

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