[Mono-devel-list] Re: Potential GAC implementation ideas.

Matthew Mastracci matt at aclaro.com
Thu Oct 23 20:59:51 EDT 2003

> I don't necessarily think using rpm, deb, etc. would be needed (or even
> be a good idea) for assemblies intended for the GAC.  Why would you want
> to limit yourself in that way?  It would be far more portable to have a
> tarball (or zip) with a small install script that works on all mono
> supported platforms regardless of the native package system.
> Of course, I realize there are some drawbacks to this approach for
> distributions that rely on there own formats, but it shouldn't be hard
> to fit into that when necessary.

Unfortunately, packages in RedHat (as well as Debian/Suse/Mandrake/etc.)
are the only way that I can:

apt-get install some-random-dotnet-program    # or yum!

and go from there...  This is how it works with Perl/Python/Java/etc. -
.NET isn't really the wave of the future, or anything that hasn't been
done before- it's just Yet Another Thing To Install.  

We don't need to be held back by the limits of Windows when we're
running the OS of the future.  ;)  

Matthew Mastracci <matt at aclaro.com>

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