[Mono-devel-list] [Patch] Minor corrections in System.Drawing.Printing

Hervé Poussineau poussine at freesurf.fr
Mon Oct 20 18:30:15 EDT 2003


Here is a patch for namespace System.Drawing.Printing :
* correction of bad case or spelling in methods/events
* minor implementations : ToString(), GetHashCode(), Equals() ...
* corrected values in enumeration PaperKind

I also wanted to add this procedure to PrinterResolution.cs, but I didn't
success to produce a good diff-file due to different eol (CR vs CRLF) :
--- Cut here ---
public override string ToString() {
   if (kind != PrinterResolutionKind.Custom)
      return String.Format("[PrinterResolution {0}]", kind);
      return String.Format("[PrinterResolution X={0} Y={1}]", x, y);
--- Cut here ---

InvalidPrinterExecption.cs should also be renamed to
InvalidPrinterException.cs, if possible

Here is the changelog entry :
--- Cut here ---
Patch from Hervé Poussineau <hpoussineau at fr.st>

* PrinterUnitConvert.cs
* PrintDocument.cs
  Fixed attributes

* InvalidPrinterException.cs
* Margins.cs
* PrintController.cs
* PrinterResolution.cs
  Minor corrections

* PaperKind.cs
  Corrected some values in the enumeration

--- Cut here ---

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