[Mono-devel-list] Nant / OJB.NET / Maverick.NET / NVelocity

Ian MacLean ianm at ActiveState.com
Sun Oct 5 00:40:51 EDT 2003

Hi Todd,

>1) The compiles take *too* long. The fault seems to lie in Mono's Regex
>engine, however, there has to be a way to use something different on
>Mono to prevent something like: on MS.NET a full build of my app with
>NAnt takes 10 seconds. On Mono, the same build with the same source
>takes between 600 and 800 seconds. It makes linux basically an unusable
>development platform.
Sounds like it would be better to fix the regex engine. If thats not 
feasible then we're definately open to mono specific workaround if this 
is making it unusable.

>3) What is the deal with the framework section of the NAnt config file?
>Is it not just possible to use CodeDOM or some other mechanism to
>find/use csc or similar? This section is a real pain in the ass to deal
I don't think CodeDOM would help - even if you could you would only find 
the runtime that you are running NAnt against which might not be the 
same as the framework you are targetting.
ie NAnt could be running against a 1.0 runtime but compiling an app 
using the 1.1 version of csc. What part of it is a pain in the ass to 
deal with ? You set the defaultframework to the one you're using and 
you're done. If you have any suggestiong for making it simpler we'd like 
to hear them.

>So, somewhat in conclusion, although NAnt works on linux, I do not
>recommend using it unless you are ready to spend a lot of time watching
>it compile and a fair amount of time making it work.
It would be a great help if you could identify where the slow down is 
occurring ( just on mono right ? ) and submit a bug report at 
This is the first I've heard of it. Its hard for us to fix bugs that no 
one has told us about.



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