[Mono-devel-list] Nant / OJB.NET / Maverick.NET / NVelocity

Todd Berman tberman at gentoo.org
Sat Oct 4 14:26:36 EDT 2003

As BenM said, NAnt works on linux however, I have some serious issue
with it in general.

1) The compiles take *too* long. The fault seems to lie in Mono's Regex
engine, however, there has to be a way to use something different on
Mono to prevent something like: on MS.NET a full build of my app with
NAnt takes 10 seconds. On Mono, the same build with the same source
takes between 600 and 800 seconds. It makes linux basically an unusable
development platform.

2) I have to maintain two separate copies of NAnt, one for running under
windows, the other for running under linux. One of the reasons I like
.net is the cross-platform part, so this doesn't seem to make sense to

3) What is the deal with the framework section of the NAnt config file?
Is it not just possible to use CodeDOM or some other mechanism to
find/use csc or similar? This section is a real pain in the ass to deal

So, somewhat in conclusion, although NAnt works on linux, I do not
recommend using it unless you are ready to spend a lot of time watching
it compile and a fair amount of time making it work. I do however, think
that NAnt has made *significant* progress on interop in the last little
bit, and I will continue to use it because I like its build file format.
(And I have moved to primarily ms.net development for this application)


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> I can't speak for the other projects but please feel free to let us
> what documentation is missing for the nant project at
> nant-developers at lists.sourceforge.net.
> It builds fine on mono btw.
> Ian
> Met @ Uber wrote:
> >I was wondering if anyone has had success with any of the these
> >OJB.NET, Maverick.NET, NVelocity) tools with Mono?
> >
> >The written support for all these projects are greatly lacking so its
> >hard to tell if I've even got a chance (mind you I'm just getting
> >stuff this week ;-/ ).
> >
> >~ Matthew
> >
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