[Mono-devel-list] [PATCH] changes in System.Data

Eran Domb erand at mainsoft.com
Sun Nov 30 09:10:09 EST 2003

I made some changes in System.Data:
* DataColumnCollection.cs (this[string name]) : Use IndexOf to find the
            (Add) : Find if the new column name is the same as the one
found in IndexOf.
            (IndexOf) : New method.
            (Contains) : Use new IndexOf.
            (IndexOf) : Use new IndexOf.
            * DataRelationCollection.cs (DataRelationCollection.AddCore)
: Add The Relation to the collection.
            (DataSetRelationCollection.AddCore) : First add the
            * DataRow.cs (this[int columnIndex, DataRowVersion version])
: Change exceptions.
            (Delete) : Detach row if the RowState was Added.
            (GetChildRows) : Get the array form the ChildTable.
            (GetParentRows) : Get the array from the ParenTable.
            * DataRowCollection.cs (Remove) : Check if row state is
Detached to avoid exception.
            * DataSet.cs (IXmlSerializable.ReadXml) : Do not call
MoveToContent and ReadEndElement - the XmlSerializationReader does it.
            * DataTable.cs (PrimaryKey) : Fix bugs.
            (Compute) : First call Select. Then create
ExpressionAggregate to aggregate the Select result.
            * DataTableCollection.cs (Add) : Fix a bug.
            * ExpressionElement.cs (ValidateExpression) : Turning
ValidateExpression to static.
            (Result) : Added new interface to AggregateExpression that
get DataRow[] as a param.
            * ForeignKeyConstraint.cs (_validateColumns) : Throw correct
* MergeManager.cs (AdjustSchema) : Fix a bug.
Attached is a diff file. If no one objects I will commit.
Eran Domb
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