[Mono-devel-list] Platform identification

Aleksey Demakov avd at openlinksw.com
Fri Nov 21 16:22:25 EST 2003

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>>So could we introduce an official method of platform identification
>>that will remain working and supported all the time?
> Well, the issue is that we can not introduce public methods, variables
> or definitions which are not part of the .NET Framework.  I have asked
> everyone I have ran into to get a value allocated for Unix.  But even if
> we get the value in .NET 1.2, it would not work for the .NET 1.1
> profile.

That's intreresting. But, sorry for the question, why?

Anyway, a funny idea, if the restrictions apply to methods, variables,
etc then what about attributes? Is at allowed to use e.g. corlib's
AssemblyDescriptionAttribute for something unconventional? I mean what
if on startup mono loads corlib and sets this attribute to something
useful like OS name. Is it possible?


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