[Mono-devel-list] mono or perl? inquire / poll

Rafael Ferreira rafaelf at trans-soft.net
Fri Nov 21 11:16:15 EST 2003

Hey mono hackers,

I got a quick question for all of you, I'm supposed to start a project 
that will require a distributed management app to run on linux clusters 
and thus it need to have the smallest possible resource usage.  My head 
is pointing me toward perl but my heart kinda wants to go with Mono, 
so.. my question is: Which one would (from experience) give me the least 
amount of resources used ?

BTW-> in a nutshell the app will  log node stats to our Postgres DB and 
query the DB for any 'jobs' to be performed on that node.



Rafael Ferreira
Systems Administrator
Trans-Soft, Inc.

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