[Mono-devel-list] Re: ObjectSpaces + momentum = ORM soup.

Atsushi Eno ginga at kit.hi-ho.ne.jp
Mon Nov 17 13:41:06 EST 2003


I attached some system.data.sqlxml.dll classes... they might be helpful,
but I hadn't splitted these classes yet. Please feel free to use if you

I also added some new System.XML classes on cvs (they are stub though).
I have no intention to get into these new stuff, since I have many old
things to do such as XSLT 1.0 ;-)

Atsushi Eno

> To follow up on the message I just posted...
> I've stubbed all of System.Data.Mapping.  I spent a few hours today
> laying out diagrams for the Namespace (good old pen and paper), and it
> makes perfect sense.  Every class has direct relation to the 3 required
> files to make ObjectSpaces work (Map.xml, OSD.xml, RSD.xml).  I know I'm
> jumping a bit a head of myself not really knowing my Thanksgiving plans
> too much, but I'm going to try and have a mass majority of it up and
> running by the end of next week.  It shouldn't actually be too hard, its
> mostly populating classes from Xml data, and tossing them into
> collections.  Then ObjectSpaces gets access to everything through
> MappingSchema.
> So yeah....I've run out of things to say.  Let me know how all of this
> sounds and where you're at (and everyone else from the ObjectSpace
> collective).  I believe you and Mark are working on the same areas?  Has
> anyone claimed the other namespaces
> System.Data.ObjectSpaces.Query/Schema or
> System.Data.Mapping.RelationalSchema?

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