[Mono-devel-list] Mono 0.28 and *BSD systems

Patrick Hartling patrick at vrac.iastate.edu
Wed Nov 12 08:41:54 EST 2003

On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 06:04, ragetex at o2.pl wrote:
> Hi!
> To get running Mono on *BSD systems we must make patches to Mono sources :(
> Patches for FreeBSD are available here:
> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/ports/lang/mono/
> Why not merge them with Mono sources?

If you look at the Makefile for the Mono port, you'll note that Mono is
currently marked as broken on FreeBSD 5.x because something is wrong
with the garbage collection.  I have been meaning to look into this, and
I will probably be trying to figure out what's wrong very shortly.  I
need to have Mono working on a variety of platforms--including
FreeBSD--for my Ph.D. research.

> There will be no problem with new releases of Mono and countinous patching to get it compile.
> There is statement on Mono webpage telling everybody that Mono runs on FreeBSD - it's not true! It must be patched first.

Lots and lots of software in the Ports Collection has patches.  Some of
it is necessary for supporting multiple versions of the OS where there
may be different APIs, and some of it is to get the software to compile
and run.  For FreeBSD users who get the pre-compiled packages or build
their own version of some software from the Ports Collection, things do
work out of the box.  It just depends on which box you're starting
with.  ;)

> In my opinion if Mono wants to be good it must support as many platforms as possible - "OUT OF BOX"!
> Java was marketed as "portable" - but unfortunately it wasn't at all!
> There were no native Java JIT for BSD systems available for really long time.
> Recently there is native Java port available for *BSD - but it is based on old version of Java.

FreeBSD has had a native JDK 1.4 for quite a while now, and it was just
updated to 1.4.2 yesterday.  I'd say that's not too old.  :)  I can't
speak for NetBSD or OpenBSD, however.  I just finished building and
testing the FreeBSD-native JDK 1.4.2 with my own Java code a few minutes


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