[Mono-devel-list] NUnit assembly naming issue?

mono_devel at workingpages.com mono_devel at workingpages.com
Wed Nov 12 11:57:48 EST 2003


I did a quick search on this, but couldn't find an answer.

I am getting an error from NUnit when I try to run the unit tests (make run-test):

Unhandled Exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: File 'mscorlib, Version=1.0.5000.0, Culture=neutral' not found.
#0: 0x000ce rethrow    in NUnit.Core.TestDomain::LoadAssembly ([O:0x4028e640] [O:0x40289e80] )
#1: 0x00023 callvirt   in NUnit.Util.NUnitProject::LoadTest ([O:0x40463cd0] [O:0x40289e80] )
#2: 0x00075 callvirt   in NUnit.Console.ConsoleUi::MakeTestFromCommandLine ([O:0x40463cd0] [O:0x40286f00] )
#3: 0x00083 call       in NUnit.Console.ConsoleUi::Main ([O:0x4020d720] )

The cause seems to be that get_info_from_assembly_name (in appdomain.c) expects
the assembly name to have four components:
    name, Version=..., Culture=..., PublicKeyToken=...
where the assembly name coming in is missing the PublicKeyToken=... one.

If I make the PublicKeyToken optional by modifying get_info_from_assembly_name, NUnit
runs just fine. (I haven't tracked down where NUnit gets the name from. Probably would be a good thing to do.)

Is there a bug somewhere in the AMD64 port I've done or am I missing a configuration
file somewhere? Or is this a legitimate bug deserving a patch?


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